latest news

03.20.23: HIBERNACULUM begins serialization on Kindle Vella. Read the first 3 episodes at no charge.
03.19.23: HIBERNACULUM cover and interiors done. Secret pages published to site (visible only to newsletter subscribers).
03.02.23: HIBERNACULUM official book trailer released.

12.01.22: HIBERNACULUM production continues.

12.27.21: BALANCE OF FORTUNE (official website) is live.
12.27.21: BALANCE OF FORTUNE by Mel Lee Newmin is now available for preorder.
01.20.21: DNA by David W. Dutton is announced.
(note: unfortunately this title was cancelled due to the author’s death on 06.05.21)
01.15.21: HIBERNACULUM by Anthony Doyle is announced.

07.15.20: BALANCE OF FORTUNE by Mel Lee Newmin is announced.
07.09.20: OOTW site launch.

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