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Submitting your novel-length work (a novel or short story collection) to OOTW is easy. We are always interested in well-written, character-driven works. Send us the following:

  1. One-page synopsis (up to 500 words) of the work being submitted.
  2. First 10-15 pages of the work being submitted; 12 pt New Times Roman, double-spaced.
  3. Copy of photo ID that confirms age requirement.

Submit everything through our Duosuma page as a Word file or PDF.

Submit through Duosuma

Please allow up to eight weeks for a response. We try our best to respond in a timely fashion, but response time can vary depending on the number of active submissions we are reviewing at any given time. You are also welcome to submit your work elsewhere when submitting to us, but kindly let us know if it finds a home.

Note that we are not interested in stories that feature torture of people or animals, stories that condone hatred and violence, racist works, spiritual tales, or erotica, nor are we seeking memoir, poetry, romance, children, YA. We are also very careful not to accept works that may be considered to be co-opting another’s experience. Please include diverse characters, but write from your background.

Please do not send books in a series if part of the series was published elsewhere. Please do not send us previously published submissions unless your submission is a collection of short stories and some of those have been published before.

There is never a fee for a full-length submission, nor are there any fees for publication. Light editing, careful, precise, editing, is provided to chosen works free of any charge of course, as is copyright, registration with the Library of Commerce, and submission to selected awards.

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