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“Okay Mr. Pepik, now I’m gonna wash your piu-piu. Do excuse me.”
Maria de Jesus tore the seal on the patient’s catheter diapers and very carefully inched the soiled pad out from under him, replacing it deftly with a towel. Mr. Michael Pepik had a catheter tube running from the eye of his penis, and Maria de Jesus began by wiping it down. She then raised her arm into the air and said “Turn.” After a couple of seconds, a large man came shuffling over with a broad smile.

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CONGRATULATIONS to Anthony Doyle on his win as “post of the month” on Spillwords. I am not kidding when I tell you that Anthony is a gifted author who will hook you every time! Go check out his Spillwords story! And give him a LIKE! WAY-TO-WRITE Anthony! We’re huge fans!!! Congratulations!

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WHAT IS KINDLE VELLA? Kindle Vella (or KV, or Vella) is a new service from Amazon that allows anyone to go online and start reading a book IMMEDIATELY! The books are all serialized. They may release one chapter per week, or even a chapter daily. The first three chapters/episodes of any book are free. USA-ONLY:Continue reading “free to read for your weekend”

the reviews are in… six of them!

SIX five-star reviews for HIBERNACULUM! Did you know that, if you have ever had a book suggested to you by Amazon, they will not let publishers like us advertise that way until a book has fifteen five-star reviews? HIBERNACULUM is working its way there. Often , people wonder what to write for a review. Honestly,Continue reading “the reviews are in… six of them!”