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Do you have Kindle Unlimited? If you do, read SOLSTICE: A WINTER ANTHOLOGY free on Kindle Unlimited (KU). If you don’t have KU, it costs a whopping 99 cents to download this amazing book to your phone/tablet/computer right now! Like hardboiled? Get the novel that won the national awards: LET’S SAY JACK KENNEDY KILLED THE…


Are you with us? The first three were free to read. How much does it cost to read all five? Just about six cents. episode four: Episode five: six cents. Won’t you join us in the Hibernaculum?

how can your writing be out of this world?

But right now you can get a deal! Sign up for editing in the month of February (2023) and mention the ATWOOD20 code to get 20% off of our editing service. You do not have to begin or end editing in February. As long as you sign-up BEFORE 2/28/23. and request a START DATE for…


Have you signed up for the DPP newsletter? Subscribers got early access to the current (12/25/22) issue of Instant Noodles (that’s right, they got the password to get to read it before the general public!). And this month, we have a freebie that we hope authors can use to help them meet their goals. FREEBIE…


Launched in 1926, AMAZING STORIES brought sci-fi to a rapid group of readers every month.


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