vella this world press….

WHAT IS KINDLE VELLA? Kindle Vella (or KV, or Vella) is a new service from Amazon that allows anyone to go online and start reading a book IMMEDIATELY! The books are all serialized. They may release one chapter per week, or even a chapter daily. The first three chapters/episodes of any book are free. USA-ONLY:Continue reading “vella this world press….”

all the free reads

Do you have Kindle Unlimited? If you do, read SOLSTICE: A WINTER ANTHOLOGY free on Kindle Unlimited (KU). If you don’t have KU, it costs a whopping 99 cents to download this amazing book to your phone/tablet/computer right now! Like hardboiled? Get the novel that won the national awards: LET’S SAY JACK KENNEDY KILLED THEContinue reading “all the free reads”

have you read Balance of Fortune?

What reviewers are saying: ~This is my second buy from author Mel Lee Newmin, and it didn’t disappoint. Fast paced, smart, unexpected, visionary. Fun too! Hope for many more to come! ~A snappy read through a well-built story. ~This book has as much action as Star Wars, but with so much more to say aboutContinue reading “have you read Balance of Fortune?”

try a title on sale

Did you know that most of our titles are available for free via Kindle Unlimited? While some of our earlier publications are currently only available in paperback format, we’ll be making those titles available via Kindle in the coming months. If you’re not a KU subscriber, take advantage of the following specials through the end ofContinue reading “try a title on sale”