have you read Balance of Fortune?

What reviewers are saying: ~This is my second buy from author Mel Lee Newmin, and it didn’t disappoint. Fast paced, smart, unexpected, visionary. Fun too! Hope for many more to come! ~A snappy read through a well-built story. ~This book has as much action as Star Wars, but with so much more to say aboutContinue reading “have you read Balance of Fortune?”


“…[AN] EPIC SAGA OF SPACE DIPLOMACY AND DOUBLE DEALINGS.”KIRKUS BALANCE OF FORTUNE by Mel Lee Newmin is the debut release from DPP’s sci-fi imprint, Out-of-This-World Press. Newmin delivers an original work of epic storytelling in the spirt of Robert Heinlein and C. J. Cherryh and effortlessly paints a complex tapestry of science-fiction that will captivate readersContinue reading “IT’S HERE”